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About Us

Rio Grande Solar (RGS) is a full-service, boutique solar-electric developer with offices in New Mexico, Colorado, Connecticut and development partners in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil.  RGS is focused on the 50kW-5MW distributed generation and battery storage market for commercial, industrial, municipal, tribal and military applications. To date, RGS has a multi-megawatt pipeline of projects at various stages of development in these markets.

RGS develops projects primarily in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.  We are proud to have built a differentiated reputation by working in true partnership with our clients from early development and site selection through feasibility study, financing, system design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.  RGS has an unparalleled understanding of the complex and continuously evolving federal, state and local incentives, rebate and renewable energy credit programs in each of these markets.  In addition, RGS provides one-on-one, executive management of each project helping to make installing solar or signing a Power Purchase Agreement easy and hassle-free for our clients.
To help with its domestic and international expansion plans, RGS has assembled an impressive Board of Advisors that includes financial and academic thought-leaders in energy, technology and geopolitics.  The former President of Mexico, Lic. Vicente Fox, Laurence Belfer of Belfer Management, Dr. Andrea Mammoli of the Emerging Energy Technologies Center at the University of New Mexico are amongst the prestigious members of our Board of Advisors.

Additionally, RGS has developed direct relationships with numerous key component distributors and manufacturers, allowing for the best available pricing and timely requisition of the various solar technologies, modules, inverters, racking systems, batteries and other components. RGS’ executive industry insight makes us a first-choice partner when working with technology providers to select bankable and warrantable components in an industry that is constantly evolving and consolidating.

Moreover, RGS has unique access to financing from multilateral lending institutes, banks, private equity investors to structured financing alternatives for municipalities, non-profits, corporations, international clients and Native American clients that are unable to take advantage of renewable energy incentives. Our entrepreneurial, can-do, solution-finding approach to securing the right financial solution for its clients enables RGS to standout as a preeminent solar-energy partner and provider.